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Victor Peña Aug. 16, 2021

Attorney Victor Peña, of Victor Peña Law, PLLC successfully negotiated a lump sum buyout for a claimant who had no luck securing a disability settlement with his former attorneys. This 49-year-old, former employee of a major American media conglomerate had become frustrated dealing with Hartford’s ongoing review after receiving long term disability benefits for over 20 years. He was disabled as a result of several herniated discs and his condition was not going to improve. Since he had no heart conditions, no history of cancer and no history of smoking he was a good candidate for a buyout.

However, before contacting us, he hired a large national disability law firm that was unable to secure a disability settlement for him despite trying for several months. After several unsuccessful attempts to secure a buyout, Mr. A received a letter from his lawyers advising him they were no longer pursing the claim on his behalf. He contacted Victor Peña Law for help. Following a discussion of the claim history and a review of the recent claim forms with the claimant, Attorney Victor Peña agreed to help. Within one week Mr. Peña was able to secure a disability buyout offer from The Hartford. He had 16 years remaining on his policy with a present value of over $276,000.00 and he wished to part ways with the Hartford. Following some negotiations, the client agreed to the buyout.

This case is a perfect example of the difference between a general disability law firm and a law firm that focuses on handling long term disability buyouts.

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Questions About Hiring Victor Peña Law, PLLC

Can You Take My Case Even if I Am in Another State?

Yes. We help Hartford claimants nationwide no matter what state or time zone you are in. We are happy to schedule a free phone consultation with Attorney Peña to review your claim and discuss your Hartford settlement options. We routinely handle long term disability buyouts with The Hartford, and Attorney Peña has developed relationships with Hartford representatives that allow him to efficiently secure a lump sum buyout with the best possible terms.

Can You Help Me with Harford Even if I Am Not Eligible for A Buyout?

Many people who contact us are not eligible for a buyout but would like help with managing the often-stressful Hartford claims process. We offer a monthly claims management service for certain claims. As part of the service, we can help prepare you and your claim so that you can be eligible for a buyout in the future.

How Does Victor Peña Law Help with My Hartford Claim?

The service depends on the status of your claim. If you have received a buyout offer from The Hartford, then we can review all relevant information about your claim to help you determine your best options. There are many factors that need to be considered before deciding to accept a settlement offer from The Hartford. Understanding the settlement release and the consequences of settling your claim is necessary before signing on the dotted line. Attorney Victor Peña always negotiates for a higher offer.

If you have not received an offer from The Hartford, we will prepare your claim for a buyout in the future if that is what you are seeking. The preparation often includes ongoing management of the claim.

We have handled countless claims against Hartford at various stages including initial short term and long term disability applications, ERISA Appeals, Lawsuits against the Hartford and Buyouts.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees vary depending on the service but 99% of our cases our handled on a contingency fee arrangement meaning that our fee is contingent upon our success on your case. We get paid a percentage of the recovery depending on the stage of the claim. In all buyout cases we handle, we never charge you a fee upfront. You pay nothing out of pocket and we only get paid if we are successful, which means you are happy with the buyout.

Do I Have to Come into the Office to Work with Your Law Firm?

No. In fact, we operate a modern, completely virtual office. We have two physical office locations but most of our staff works remotely around the country. As part of our mission, we focus on helping claimants in the best, most efficient way possible. That includes implementing systems to communicate quickly with our clients. We perform meetings and conferences telephonically and via video calls.

How Can I Contact You?

We offer several ways to contact us. You can simply text us using our text widget on our website. If you are client, then save our number and you can text us anytime you have a question. You can submit a contact form or simply call us anytime at 954-475-6038.