Many recipients of disability insurance payments believe that once they are approved and start receiving monthly payments, they no longer have to be worried about their claim being denied. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The sad reality is that insurance companies are constantly looking for ways to continue to receive premiums while denying claims – even claims that have previously been approved.

There is nothing that prevents disability insurance carriers from reversing a claim from approved to denied if they can show a change in circumstances. Retaining an experienced disability insurance lawyer to handle all aspects of your claim, even after you have been approved, can provide the protection that you need to make sure that the insurance company continues to make monthly payments that you deserve.

Victor Peña Law Helps Clients Avoid Disability Claim Denials 

After your claim has been approved, disability insurance carriers continue to request documents and updates on your claim’s status. This may include medical records, renewal forms, daily activity reports, and financial records. Failure to provide these forms in a timely manner may result in termination of your disability benefits.

Victor Peña Law can manage your disability claim and deal with the insurance company reviews to give you the best chances of staying on claim as long as you need to. As we will be the point of contact for all correspondence and communication, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back. More importantly, founder Victor Peña, who has spent his entire legal practice focusing on representing claimants in disability insurance claims, can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that someone who is experienced and qualified is fighting for your continued financial stability. 

My Claim Has Already Been Approved, Do I Still Need A Lawyer?

Unfortunately, approved disability insurance claims do not last forever. In fact, insurance companies deny claims all the time for all types of reasons. An experienced disability insurance lawyer will make sure that you continue to receive your monthly payments by handling all insurance related matters that may come up even after your claim has been approved.

Moreover, disability insurance companies require the continued submission of evidence to prove a claim. This includes additional medical support, statements from treating physicians, phone and in person statements from you and even medical evaluations by doctors hired by the insurance company. Retaining Victor Peña Law to handle your monthly claim ensures that you will have qualified and experienced counsel handling any issues that may arise through these claim reviews or any other hurdle that the insurance company will place in front of you.  

As we are a national firm, our clients are located all over the country. In most cases, all communication regarding your case can be done by phone or email. The sooner in the process that our firm is retained, the faster we can help get you your payments. Reach out to Victor Peña Law at 954-515-5504 or contact us online for a free consultation with experienced counsel.