Florida Disability Buyout Lawyer: Exclusively Disability Settlements

Victor Peña Law PLLC headquarters is based out of Florida and we assist claimants with buyouts throughout the State of Florida. It doesn’t matter where you are in Florida, we can evaluate your claim and help you determine your best options.

Locating the best lawyer for your legal issue can seem complicated when the internet provides so many options. What you will find when searching for a disability insurance lawyer is that there are many attorneys and law firms claiming to be the best. There are “full-service” law firms claiming to be able to handle all your disability related matters. Some lawyers offer to handle all your claims whether a long-term disability (LTD), Social Security Disability (SSDI), workers compensation, VA disability claim, or all of the above. The fact of the matter is, if one lawyer is handling all of these claims you will likely end up with mediocre results. It is very rare for a lawyer to be an expert in all of these areas. This is not to say that there are not many happy clients out there who have received satisfactory results from a full-service lawyer or law firm, but typically, good results follow more consistently those who specialize.

This is why Victor Peña Law PLLC focuses exclusively on assisting private disability claimants to obtain and negotiate buyouts with their insurance companies. This focus allows us to deliver the best and most effective service when compared to other disability law firms who offer multiple services.

Exclusively Buyouts

With his years of experience, he founded Victor Peña Law PLLC aiming to provide disability claimants with a specialized service—negotiating buyouts and preparing clients and their claims for the highest possible buyout amount. There are many aspects to a lump sum payout that should be carefully handled. Buyouts are not right for everyone and whether it is a good option will depend on many factors including the insurance company, your age, your disability policy, your medical conditions, and many additional circumstances that are unique to each client.

Online Legal Services Model = Efficient and Effective Results

We operate using an online legal services model. Therefore, most of our interactions will be telephonic, video conference, email, and through our online client portal. This enables us to most effectively assist you no matter where you are located in Florida.

What if I Have a Private Disability Insurance Issue Not Related to A Buyout, Can Victor Peña Law Help?

At times, it is necessary to handle claims at different stages of the process given the overlap of issues when seeking a buyout. Even if your claim is not ripe for a buyout, Victor Peña Law PLLC has a network of competent attorneys for everyone’s disability insurance needs no matter where you are located in Florida. Feel free to submit an online request with information about your disability claim and the services you need.

Disability Buyout Resources in Florida:

Given the nature of a buyout it is important to consider all financial, tax and legal implications that follow. Victor Peña Law PLLC has a growing network of financial and tax professionals all over the country who can assist you. Below are links with lists of financial and tax professionals in Florida. These lists have not been approved by Victor Peña Law PLLC. We provide our clients with specific referrals to financial and tax professionals near them and work closely with those professionals when advising our clients in regard to their buyout settlements.

Financial Professionals in Florida:


Accountants in Florida:


If you are interested in approaching your disability insurance company about settling your ongoing claim or you have an open offer from your insurance company contact Victor Peña Law PLLC for a free consultation or submit your information to receive a call the same day.