Disability Buyout Lawyer in Illinois

Illinois disability buyout lawyer: Negotiate the Best Buyout with Illinois Settlement Attorney

Attorney Victor Peña is a Disability Insurance Lawyer and assists claimants with buyouts throughout the State of Illinois. It doesn’t matter where you are in Illinois, we can evaluate your claim and help you determine your best options.

Victor Peña Law PLLC focuses exclusively on assisting private disability claimants to obtain and negotiate buyouts with their insurance companies. This focus allows us to deliver the best and most effective service when compared to other disability law firms who offer multiple services.

What Is a Buyout?

A buyout is a one-time lump-sum payout of your disability benefits in lieu of receiving monthly disability payments. The payout usually requires you to surrender your policy in exchange for the payout. If you obtained your disability policy through your employer, a buyout can cause you to lose other employer sponsored benefits. This can include, life insurance benefits, health insurance and dental benefits, and sometimes the continued participation in a pension plan.

There are benefits and disadvantages to taking a buyout that should be carefully considered and discussed with experienced professionals. Attorney Peña has focused his practice on assisting claimants in understanding and evaluating their options regarding buyouts. He has years of experience handling private disability applications, denials, appeals, lawsuits and buyouts.

Using his extensive experience, Victor Peña Law PLLC has developed a system to help clients with all aspects of a lump sum buyout. We operate using an online legal services model to allow us to assist clients all over the country. Therefore, most of our interactions will be telephonic, video conference, email, and through our online client portal. Using this model, we can provide efficient and effective services to help you secure the best possible buyout or fully understand if a buyout is even a good option for you.

Can Victor Peña Law Handle Other Disability Issues?

Sometimes it is necessary to handle other aspects of a claim including appeals and monthly claim management to set-up a claim for the best possible buyout offer. Victor Peña Law PLLC will work to build your case with you to ensure you have the best chances of receiving a buyout offer if that is your goal.

Even if your claim is not ripe for a buyout, Victor Peña Law PLLC has a network of competent attorneys for everyone’s disability insurance needs no matter where you are located in Illinois. Feel free to submit an online request with information about your disability claim and the services you need.

Disability Buyout Resources in Illinois:

Properly advising a client on a buyout involves aspects stretching beyond legal issues. It is necessary to consider the tax, financial, as well as personal implications that come along with a buyout. Below are links to financial and tax professionals in Illinois. All professionals on the lists at the links below have not been approved by Victor Peña Law PLLC. We provide our clients with specific referrals to CPAs and financial professionals and work closely with those professionals when advising our clients on buyout settlements.

Financial Professionals in Illinois:


Accountants in Illinois:


If you are interested in approaching your disability insurance company about settling your ongoing claim, or you have an open buyout offer from your insurance company, contact Victor Peña Law PLLC for a free consultation or submit your information to receive a call the same day.