Choosing the Best Disability Buyout Lawyer to Negotiate a Buyout in New York

Locating the right disability settlement attorney in New York can be harder than it sounds. A quick google search will yield a long list of disability attorneys claiming to be the best. Your search may uncover a handful of local firms and some larger national firms that handle cases across the country. Many people prefer a traditional brick and mortar office where you can sit down with your attorney and discuss the case face-to-face. Others enjoy the flexibility and ease that comes along with hiring a legal services firm with an on-line services model. Several larger firms offer a hybrid model since certain aspects of a disability claim require in-person meetings.

Should I Hire a Disability Lawyer Near Me?

Often it is difficult to find an experienced lawyer with the right skill set who you like and who is near you. Lawyers who focus exclusively on handling private disability insurance claims are not common. There are, however, many attorneys out there who claim to be experts in the area but who also practice other areas such as social security disability, VA disability, worker compensation and other areas. The fact of the matter is that the lawyers who specialize in one specific area tend to deliver the best and most consistent results. After all, the more you focus on one area, the better you tend to be. This is the case for any service. A specialist tends to be better than a generalist.

This is why Victor Peña Law PLLC was founded. Attorney Peña is a Disability Insurance Lawyer who focuses exclusively on assisting private disability claimants to obtain and negotiate buyouts with their insurance companies.

This focus allows us to deliver the best and most effective service when compared to other disability law firms who offer multiple services. We operate using an online legal services model making most client interactions either telephonic, video conference, email, or through the online client portal. This form of service also makes the process faster, smoother, and more streamlined. There is no wasted time, so you get better advice and better results.

Exclusively Buyouts or Disability Settlements

Centering the only services we offer around disability buyout settlements has allowed us to develop a process that other firms do not have. This leads to higher offers that other firms may not be able to elicit from the insurance company.

We never encourage a client to take a buyout if it is not in the best interest of the client.

Victor Peña Law PLLC assists claimants with buyouts throughout the State of New York and nationwide. It doesn’t matter where you are in New York, we can evaluate your claim and help you determine your best options.

What if I Have a Private Disability Insurance Issue Not Related to A Buyout, Can Victor Peña Law Help?

If you are unsure if your claim is ready for a buyout you can always contact Victor Peña Law PLLC for a free case evaluation. Even if the claim is not ripe for a buyout, and if you have any other disability insurance-related issue, Victor Peña Law PLLC has a network of competent attorneys for everyone’s disability insurance needs no matter where you are located in New York. Feel free to submit an online request with information about your disability claim and services you need.

At times, it is necessary to handle claims at different stages of the process given the overlap of issues when seeking a buyout. Victor Peña Law PLLC has extensive experience at every step of the disability claim process and can help prepare your case for a buyout, if that is your ultimate goal.

Disability Buyout Resources in New York:

When considering a buyout settlement, it is crucial to fully evaluate all legal, financial, tax and personal implications that come along with accepting a lump sum payout of your disability benefits. Every case is unique and should be evaluated in the context of each client’s unique circumstances. We have a growing network of professionals who can assist with a buyout settlement in New York. Every case is handled using a team approach and clients receive a referral to a local tax professional and financial professional if necessary. Below are links to financial and tax professionals in New York.

The professionals at the following links have not been approved by Victor Peña Law PLLC. We provide our clients with referrals to tax and financial professionals and work closely with these professionals when advising our clients on their buyout options.

Financial Professionals in New York:


Accountants in New York:


If you are interested in approaching your disability insurance company about settling your ongoing claim or you have an open buyout offer from your insurance company contact Victor Peña Law PLLC for a free consultation or submit your information to receive a call the same day.